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How VKCL customised eLearning carves a niche for itself through personalised and translated content?

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Generally, organisations located across different parts of the globe with dispersed workforce have to deal with a very common problem of training every employee through some centralised training program. In such cases, the trainees who take part in the training program have to adjust their work timing and balance their personal life in order to attend the training program. Thus, they have to compromise in their personal life and, sometimes, work for extra time to be part of the training program. Though they understand that the training programs are meant for their own good; especially, upgrading their knowledge and skills, certain times, irritation creeps in their mind too, as work-life takes higher precedence over the personal life.

Problems with off-the-shelf or run-of-the-mill video and textual eLearning courses


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Some companies overcome the problem of centralised training programme by keeping LMS platform which offers off-the-shelf courses through e-learning medium to the trainees, located at different parts of the world. Though this is one of the make-do solutions, it fails to strike a chord with the learners. The reason being, though the courseware is available to all the employees dispersed at different corners of the world, the trainees find it difficult to comprehend the complicated concepts present in the e-learning course materials with just videos and text notes.

How VKCL’s customised eLearning solution circumvented the learning difficulties through personalised training and local content translation services?

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) believes customised eLearning solution is the best solution to train employees separated by geographical boundaries. One of the biggest factors that favours customised e-learning solution over the off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all solution is that the e-learning courseware is specifically designed keeping learning the limitations of the learners into consideration. For example, people living in different countries but working for the same organisation may face language barriers while attending an eLearning training program.

Language translation

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Being in the e-learning industry for more than a decade, VKCL came up with the idea of creating customised e-learning solution that not only takes care of language problems but also other essential aspects of e-learning training. For the same, VKCL offers content translation service as a part of customised e-learning solution. Hence people who face difficulty in understanding a language, such as English, in which the training is carried out can opt for translated eLearning content in other languages.

Distinguishing features of VKCL customised eLearning solution


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VKCL’s customised eLearning solution provides a host of features in its customised eLearning solution, such as:

1.   Training course material loaded with heavy technical jargons and intricate concepts turn out to be a text heavy training course. VKCL’s customised e-learning solution, unlike conventional training course materials, contains interactive videos and simulations, infographics, a plethora of examples with diagrams, and superior multimedia content for optimised learning.

2.   VKCL includes game-based learning for concept retention; micro-learning methodology for easier understanding; LMS evaluates student’s understanding through quizzes and tests, and we deploy rapid authoring tools for developing high quality content.

3.   VKCL’s LMS not only offers enhanced and high quality content but also provides progress reports of the trainees to help to identify areas of improvements.


July 10, 2020