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How VKCL incorporates Artificial Intelligence in customized eLearning solutions to enhance your learning skills?

May 04, 2020 news banner 32

It has been a long, hard journey for VKCL to understand implementation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) into corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions. A.I experts, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, content developers and editors, graphic designers, and many people had put heads together to build A.I based customized eLearning solutions.  The whole idea of doing this was to make the    life of learners easy when it comes to learning and upgrading once skillset. 

A quick glance at what is A.I

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In simple words, AI or “Artificial Intelligence” is a computer that mimics human intelligence. Some common day to day examples where A.I is used include games, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, etc. A.I technology uses complex algorithms to comb through vast amounts of data; process data, and map and recognize patterns among them. Consequently, it produces possible outcome scenarios and accomplishes specific complex tasks assigned to it.







Incorporating A.I in customized eLearning solutions 

Given below are the ways in which we implement A.I technology innovatively in our corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions to help professionals and children to excel in their desired fields.

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1. Search with questions (typing):  We understand the importance of time. So our search facility in customized eLearning solution is smartly moulded to understand sentences, by relating each word, to fetch quick results to the questions asked by the learners. For e.g. professionals can type “what are databases and uses”. Usually, you will have to go through dozens of websites and pages to find answers for such types of questions.  Students can type “what is solar system”, and they will get an answer in a few seconds. 

2.  Virtual Assistant for asking questions and doubts: This feature in our customized eLearning solution allows you to ask doubts and questions to our Virtual Assistant related to the respective content. Our Virtual Assistant would respond to your voice commands. We include this feature as we understand - be it professionals or students, everybody’s life has become hectic, and they need solutions quickly that would help them to complete their tasks on time. More importantly, this would also assist visually impaired and physically challenged professionals and students. They can ask questions and doubts to our Virtual Assistant and get replies swiftly. 

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3. A.I to track progress and suggest improvement areas: We fine tune algorithms of A.I in our customized eLearning solution to collect, process and suggest areas of improvements for professionals and students. The high end programming of A.I also suggests topics which learners have to pay extra attention to. To ensure that learners have properly gone through study materials, understanding each detail of the topics, it conducts quizzes and tests. These ways learners can’t escape or take shortcuts in their studies. 

4. Speech to text Learners can take down notes by using speech to text feature in our customized eLearning solution. Thus, you don’t have to sit with pen and paper, and write down points. Just talk the way A.I understands and your notes will be written down in a computer’s notepad.

5. Personalized trainingWe at VK Creative Learning understand each individual has his own learning pace. So customized eLearning solution is designed to understand your style and pace of learning, and accordingly accommodates it.

May 04, 2020