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How VKCL makes Corporate Training Easy and Engrossing with Customized Corporate eLearning solutions?

August 25, 2020 news banner 59

The popularity of physical training has increased by manifolds in the past few years, as corporate organisations feel its presence increases the productivity and betters the skills of the employees. However, of late, there have been some criticisms over training sessions and materials. The major reasons why some training has failed to live up to the expectations of the organisations are due to the lack of trainee's engagement during the sessions. In regards to the same, many organisations approached VK Creative Learning (VKCL) for a solution, as VKCL has been in the e-learning sector from the past few decades, working with experienced content creators, instructional designers, multimedia exports, graphic designers and many more specialists. When VKCL carried out a research to find out the reason why some employees showed a lack of interest during the training program, the argument that came out of the discussions with the trainees was astonishing. Many trainees shared their discomfort in regards to the monotonicity of the training sessions that were carried out without giving a thought about whether the attendees of the training program really understood what was presented to them. Also, no efforts were made to make the training materials engaging. Interestingly although the trainees found it difficult to comprehend everything taught during the training session, the intensity to get themselves upgraded with new knowledge never dipped.

How VKCL's customised corporate eLearning solution addressed the training issues?

VKCL customised corporate eLearning solution was highly refined with the help of various industry experts in such a way that attention was given to both the training materials, and methodologies used when a training session was conducted. Customised corporate eLearning solution is hundred times better than one-size-fits-all solution which is sometimes dull and boring in nature, and fails to accommodate the learners with slow learning pace. To elaborate, customised e-learning solution contains three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations and simulations based on real life scenarios. Further, what sets apart a customised corporate eLearning solution is that it was developed after consulting various organisations and their employees to ensure that learning happens at a pace comfortable for the learners, and the e-learning courseware accommodates to the learning pattern of the trainees. Additionally, the e-learning solution was crafted to motivate the trainee's ambition and productivity, and assist them to move up the corporate ladder. With an endeavour to enhance the learning skills of the trainees along with their career, a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) with tons of features, and simplified, streamlined, well-structured and easy to understand content were made part of the customised corporate eLearning solution. Besides these, the e-learning solution has been smartly tailored to suit the training of employees located at different parts of the globe. This allows employees on the field or working at different locations to attend training sessions regularly as per their convenience. Additionally, translation service is made available within the corporate eLearning solution. This eliminates all issues that surface due to different language barriers and cultural differences, and ensures that the training is conducted seamlessly. Hence with all possible best features encompassed within the corporate e-learning solution, it becomes possible to obtain the best enhanced learning outcome of the trainees.


August 25, 2020