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How VKCL renders in-depth learning to the learners through its AR and VR eLearning solutions

January 19, 2021 news banner 96

Virtual Reality e-learning solutions allow the students to get immersed in an informative world and provide interesting facts regarding the concepts in a simplified way so that the information is easy to understand. Virtual Reality environments can be experienced through a headgear or some Virtual Reality based wearable device. Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) e-learning solutions provide computerised information when focused on real-world objects. These e-learning solutions help to understand the objects up close. Augmented  Reality can be experienced through any handheld devices such as mobile or tablet or an Augmented Reality-based device.

Thus owing to all these reasons, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may witness a huge growth in the coming years, as they render an interesting and informative environment, similar to the real world. Not surprisingly, many organisations such as VK Creative Learning (VKCL) are using AR and VR as an aid to the schools and universities so that AR and VR e-learning solutions can help teachers to provide detailed information about a subject or a topic in it. Importantly, these e-learning solutions make teaching tasks easy for the teachers and help the students to gather the best possible information, which can be stored in the memory for a longer time.

Distinguishing features about VK Creative Learning (VKCL)’s AR and VR e-learning solutions 

VKCL has been in the e-learning industry for more than a decade, serving various types of organisations, schools, institutes, and universities. VKCL believes unless the specific requirements with ETA of a school, institute, university, or an organisation, which wants part of the e-learning content to be developed by VKCL, is thoroughly understood and incorporated in the e-learning courseware, the e-learning content may not serve the purpose.

Hence, VKCL has a vastly experienced team consisting of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); content developers; multimedia experts, and various industry experts. Hiring the best-experienced players from the e-learning industry for creating engrossing content for e-learning solutions has its own set of advantages. Without relevant experience and knowledge of the candidates, the e-learning solutions may fail to match the aiding expectations as an additional resource of the schools, institutes, and universities.

It has a specialised team for developing AR and VR e-learning solutions to aid teachers to teach concepts related to mathematics and science easily. Additionally, VKCL also develops AR and VR e-learning solutions for other subjects such as history, geography, etc. VKCL smartly weaves animation with subject information in AR and VR e-learning solutions so that any information can be absorbed by the students without putting much effort. For example, mathematics can be explained in a detailed manner to the students with the help of multiple diagrams and figures in the animations that emphasize the use of various mathematical concepts in subjects such as algebra or geometry.

This allows students to explore and understand the concepts related to circles, quadrilaterals and triangles, right from basic to advanced level, at their own convenient pace based on their learning style. Importantly owing to the animated content shown in the virtual environment, students are spared from the burden of visualising each and everything. Further, quizzes and track progress features are included in the e-learning solutions which help to evaluate their understanding of various concepts.


January 19, 2021