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How VKCL utilises EDTECH to develop next-generation futuristic e-learning courseware?

February 16, 2021 news banner 103

There are about 1.5 million schools and more than 16,000 higher educational institutes in India. Thus, research studies indicate that e-learning growth market of India will be phenomenal and it may touch an earning of billion marks by 2025. Also, the COVID-19 situation has paved the way for the growth of e-learning courses across the globe. EdTech technologies have been a saviour, playing a major role aiding teachers and students to switch overnight to a new form of teaching during the COVID-19 situation.

Importantly, the entry of EdTech technologies has turned out to be a better alternative as compared to the conventional form of teaching. This is because all the essential learning requirements along with various EdTech technologies can be incorporated into the customised academic e-learning solutions to boost the learning capability of the learners. Additionally, the infusion of various latest technologies has not only allowed creating smarter and user-friendly e-learning platforms but also has turned out to be boon for teachers since the e-learning platform offers a host of teaching tools to make learning easy for the students. Hence, many e-learning companies in India are focussing on bringing out innovative e-learning courseware for schools and universities. 

VKCL’s academic and K-12 e-learning solutions for enhanced learning and memory retention:

VK Creative Learning  is one of the reliable and vastly experienced EDTECH organisations which believes in developing Innovative, appealing, and engrossing custom e-learning solutions.  It creates e-learning courseware intending to motivate the students to think beyond the usual school curriculum and explore various facets of life by putting extra efforts and paying special attention to the factors that would help the students to excel in their studies.

To suit the learning style and pace of its employees, VKCL incorporates two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated and simulated content. This methodology helps to explain difficult concepts thoroughly; especially, the factors and reasons behind why and how things happen around them in the real world. In other words, various exact situations that are observed in the actual world are replicated in the animations so that the learners can relate to it easily and understand the work process and the technicalities involved in it comprehensively.

This also helps in knowledge retention. For the same, it deploys scholars from the educational industry, multimedia specialists, Subject Matter Expert, experienced programmers, and many other specialists. To sum up, VKCL leaves no stones unturned to simplify the content in its customised academic e-learning solutions to present the content in an easy-to-understand language. These efforts not only ensure the learners have control over what they learn but also they find the content best for learning.

Specialities of VKCL next-generation academic and K-12 e-learning solutions?

To make the next generation academic and K-12 e-learning solutions, VKCL makes use of complex artificial intelligence algorithms, crosscutting concepts, three-dimensional learning, NRC Framework, and many more innovative learning methodologies to render 360-degree learning to the students. This also helps the content to be structured in such a way that it perfectly fits the learning style and pace of the children. More importantly, it motivates the learners to explore, analyse, understand, and solve complex real-world problems and thus, enhances their problem-solving skills through scientific research. 


February 16, 2021