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Implementation of Customized Blended e-Learning Solution

May 30, 2021 news banner 128

The utilization of online and interactive techniques to supplement conventional instructional approaches is known as blended learning. It is not intended to take the place of teachers or usual classrooms. It aims to supplement them rather than compete with them. In blended learning, most of the curriculum is distributed digitally. The remaining portion is provided by offline methods such as paper textbooks and classroom instruction. Thus most e-learning development companies in India have included blended learning methodology in e-learning solutions.  This form of e-learning courseware is called blended e-learning solutions.

The growing importance of blended e-learning solution

The use of blended e-learning solutions has grown significantly since the epidemic of COVID-19. This is because it encourages learners to benefit from physical classroom sessions while staying at home. In other words, learners can stay at home and participate in a classroom session. The classroom is led by a well-acclaimed faculty. This way the need for traveling is cut out for the learners. Importantly, blended learning entails not only preparation but also sharing of ideas among students. This also includes faculty-led doubt-solving sessions. Any of these services are available to students at their leisure, at any time, and in any place.

Implementation of blended e-learning solution

There are a set of implementation techniques created to introduce blended e-learning solutions for the learners. Given below are some of the measures related to the same:

Select the Best Learning Model 

The first step in integrating blended learning is to select the most appropriate learning style for you. There are several blended learning models available, each with its own set of advantages. 
One-to-one model:  This teaching model closely resembles a conventional classroom. Just a few students in a classroom receive mixed learning in this situation. In this design, technology is mostly used to assist students one-to-one, who are finding it difficult to understand the topics.

Turn-by-turn model

Students, sometimes, get to learn one-to-one while at certain times, they learn through remote learning. This is a common practice in primary schools. 

Model of Flexibility 

The majority of the learning takes place online and is self-directed. Teachers offer any assistance when it is needed for the students. 

Online practical model

In this case, the online system is given importance. Learning takes place entirely online in this system. Students are expected to attend classes in a practical session. 


In this case, the classroom is carried out through online resources.  This method enables the learners to learn about various topics in the classroom through online resources.

LMS for blended e-learning solutions 

The first step in implementing a blended learning curriculum effectively is to select the appropriate learning management framework (LMS). The interactive learning environment should assist the educational organization in achieving all of the blended learning's key objectives. This also includes immersive and gaming features in your e-learning courseware with the LMS. 

VKCL’s customized blended e-learning solutions 

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) offers a wide variety of blended e-learning solutions. It develops e-learning solutions for schools, institutes, universities, organizations, corporate companies, and various industries based on their requirements. A customized blended e-learning solution is an integration of an organization’s with the blended e-learning solution. To improve learning, most e-learning software companies in India use 3-D and 2-D animations and simulations. These are incorporated in the custom e-learning applications. This helps the learners to visualize concepts more easily. Additionally, studying becomes motivating and enjoyable. This ensures that each learner can study at their speed and in the manner that best suits them.

May 30, 2021