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Implementing Strategies to Justify Training Investments in Custom eLearning Solutions

July 19, 2022 news banner 240

Since 2011, a majority of firms have embraced customized eLearning such as corporate eLearning courses to assist their employees in improving their skills. This increase in the percentage of learning for online learning or eLearning has been witnessed due to its numerous advantages.

Currently, around forty percent of Fortune 500 organizations use online training, since it requires up to sixty percent less time than conventional training sessions. Moreover, according to a recent poll, most firms feel that eLearning enhances their competitive advantage by keeping them abreast with the latest technology or industry-related developments. No surprise the worldwide market size for corporate eLearning will touch the billion-mark in 4 to 5 years. In other words, the demand for eLearning courses for training employees will increase in the coming years.

Having said all of this, many L&D executives make the mistake of settling for ready-made learning solutions that are available at a low cost and seem to be a good match. However, buying a pre-made course may not always be the best choice. There is no the best one-size-fits-all online learning course when it comes to training for all workforce. What is fast and affordable may not always be appropriate for your workforce.

In contrast, customized eLearning creation is built to meet the specific requirements of each company. It will provide trainees a distinct advantage over other eLearning options. Personalized eLearning offers learning material that is tailored to the goals of both the learners and the company. It is a proven long-term investment that empowers enterprises by increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

In this blog, we will examine why opting for custom eLearning is a wise choice for training your workforce.

Why organizations should opt for a custom eLearning program?

If professionals do not have access to continual learning and development, job satisfaction will certainly not be sustainable. Hence companies that care about their employees' futures and higher productivity invest in training. However, organizations often question the benefits of custom eLearning solutions. Many research studies have indicated that personalized eLearning brings forth in an employee a better understanding of a process, and it also has a positive impact on sales and profitability.

The capacity to tailor training based on the firm’s requirements and based on employees’ learning pace is an advantage that cannot be paralleled. This way the employee has the choice to choose courses according to a job description or career path. 

If a company has a unique project that requires specialist expertise, it may create a learning program that is tailored to the exact requirements of a department’s employees. In many circumstances, this sort of program lessens or even eliminates the requirement for individual coaching.

In other words, you as a company will have the freedom to choose which sorts of personalized eLearning programs your organization needs. You may train your workforce via instructor-led programs, gamification, or online courses. Frequently, you will build eLearning programs based on a blend of several employee learning styles.

How custom eLearning should be tailored so that it could justify your training investment?

You can implement the following strategies in a custom eLearning solution so that it could justify your training investment.

Opt for informative, relevant content.

Let's assume that your organization's strategic business objective for the current fiscal year is to raise sales by a certain percentage and that you have identified a number of essential staff abilities to aid in reaching this objective. 

You may buy a ready-made training solution that already teaches these abilities; however, it would be most effective to convey the skills in harmony with your particular sales process using real case studies from your sales team. 

Using custom eLearning, sales information related to real-world circumstances can be integrated into an eLearning course to make it relevant and meaningful so that learning can be implemented immediately on the job.

Focus on pain points and employee potential

Every training or workshop has a specific aim and addresses unique pain points and requirements. Using a workforce development program, a business may address skill shortages and assist its workforce in acquiring the missing competencies.

On the other hand, they may like to make sure that their employees explore their work-related passions and realize their full potential. However, this seldom occurs since generic training is designed to appeal to everyone and nobody in particular.

Therefore, it is always preferable to develop programs that are tailored to the demands of your organization and workforce. Although they demand more time and work, they are more effective and provide long-lasting improvements. Moreover, personalized eLearning may help you foster a culture of continuous improvement and motivate employees to acquire new skills and strengthen old ones.

High-impact training increases learners’ engagement and retention

Learners nowadays often become distracted and sometimes, are inattentive. The reason for this being, they want to acquire knowledge that directly addresses their present learning requirements and is both relevant and meaningful. Additionally, flexibility in terms of when, where, and how professionals take out time to study is becoming increasingly significant. Custom eLearning creation enables firms to analyze what these criteria imply for their learners and to interpret the information in form of the best fit for the training audience.

The finest aspect of companies that provide custom eLearning creation services is that they combine useful information for daily work in enjoyable and engaging methods. Customization of eLearning material allows the use of different engagement and retention tactics, such as the creation of corporate personas, the use of real-world situations, animations, badges, and so on.

Employee motivation and engagement increase when they believe their training will be applicable and beneficial to their individual work tasks. Consequently, there are improvements in the productivity of the employees, along with scalable learning results.

To know more about custom eLearning solutions or how personalized eLearning courses can be tailored to meet your existing requirements, you can contact us.

July 19, 2022