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Industrial E-Learning Solutions - The Best Bet For Training

May 19, 2021 news banner 126

Companies today are opting for automation of the production process. This helps them to reduce the high dependence on the labor force. It also helps to increase productivity massively in less time. When compared to the manual workforce, the automation of the production process offers a host of advantages. Not surprisingly, large-scale companies, medium-sized companies, and small-scale companies lay high emphasis on automation. However, it is also equally necessary to train the workforce on the automation process. Many organizations prefer industrial e-learning solutions while some prefer the conventional form of training.

The demerits of the physical classroom session for industries
The physical classroom session has been the main form of training for the past few years. However, with time, the organizations found that it has its own demerits. The biggest demerits were:

  •  A lot of knowledge was cramped in the learner’s mind within a span of a few hours.
  •  It was not an efficient form of training, as not all showed equal interest.
  •  It became difficult for the professionals to manage work with training sessions.
  •  In certain training sessions, trainers were expected to learn all by themselves through a fat textual manual.
  •  Doubt-solving sessions were held within the training period. Owing to this, the trainees who had doubts later were not able to discuss them with the instructor.

How did the industrial e-learning session rise to the occasion?

The industrial e-learning session was based purely on hands-on experience through simulation. This allowed the workforce to understand the automated environment, as they studied different cases and processes through simulation. The animation explained how manufacturing processes can be carried out under certain circumstances. It also allowed training every process easily based on the requirements of the manufacturing processes. There weren’t any restrictions in the form of timing or location. The workforce was free to learn at their convenience. There were no shackles in the form of completion of the training session within two hours. This allowed the workforce to learn based on their learning style and pace.

Industrial e-learning solutions -  the best bet from a safety point of view.

Consider this, when new technicians are hired, they have to be trained. The training process plays a vital role in shaping their understanding of the automation process. Unless the training is effective, the employees are not able to generate the desired productivity. However, the trainees cannot be taken to the working environment for training purposes every time. This is where the industrial e-learning solution turns out to be a savior. This is because the new technicians can learn about different components or chemicals or hazardous environments through animation or simulation. Thus, the need for the new technicians to go to the dangerous environment is not required.

More about Industrial e-learning courseware

The industrial e-learning courseware has all the necessary information which offers simplified explanations even for a complicated process. This helps the learners to understand the various core concepts of the manufacturing automation processes easily. The training materials not only have animations and simulations but also contain PDF and PPT.

VKCL’s customized Industrial e-learning courseware

 VK Creative Learning, VKCL, creates industrial e-learning course materials for matching the exact requirements of its clients. VKCL utilizes the skills of SME, industry specialists, multimedia specialists, and other experts for developing industrial e-learning content. The emerging content is created in such a way that even a layman can understand the complex industrial processes.

May 19, 2021