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Should Opt for Globalized E-Learning Or A Localized E-Learning Solution?

May 29, 2022 news banner 225

You must have set up a business and it’s running well. Now, you may think of having offices all over the globe. You have achieved a milestone but there is a lot to be done if you want to continue earning profits. 

To elaborate, your work has just got started as your business has got established to a certain extent and plans are on to open new offices around the globe but maintaining them is not an easy task. 

To ensure that you get profits after opening new offices across the globe you will have to train your employees to ensure that they are well equipped with the needed technology. Training the employees can be done by using globalized e-learning solutions or localized e-learning solutions. 

You may be pondering, aren't they the same? No, they’re not the same and we will explain to you what the differences are and how a localized e-learning solution will be helpful to you compared to a globalized e-learning solution.

Difference between a globalized e-learning solution and a localized e-learning solution

The globalized e-learning solution focuses on certain sets of information with certain examples. So, suppose a globalized e-learning solution is created based on the requirements of one of the offices of a company then the globalized e-learning solution will be best suited for that particular office branch. 

However, it may not be apt for other company branches located across various parts of the world. The reason being, other office branches may have their own requirements in terms of explanation of concepts in the local language.

In such cases, localized e-learning solutions turn out to be a better solution compared to globalized e-learning solutions, as it does exactly the opposite of globalization e-learning solutions. In e-learning localization, information is tailored to suit employees of a particular place or culture.

Why e-learning localization course is better than a globalization eLearning course?

A majority of the companies around the world feel that training is simple as one particular e-learning training course materials can be distributed across various locations and employees are asked to refer to them. However, not many organizations realize that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work every time. In fact, it fails miserably in the case of training employees, located in various parts of the world. 

Consider this example, suppose you have your company branch in Japan. Employees working in Japan could refer to get training in their own native language. Not all Japanese employees may be well versed with the English language.
This is where localized e-learning solutions can be helpful, as the e-learning training materials are created in the local language.

It has been shown in the research studies that most of the employees may not prefer to take training if it is not conducted in their own native language. Hence, it is logical to approach an e-learning localization company that has a lot of experience in creating localized content based on the culture of the place.

Additionally, e-learning localization and translation services can also work on translating your existing training material into a language of your choice.

If you’re one of those companies looking out for e-learning localization, then you should check out our (VKCL) e-learning development services which offer localization as well as translation services.

May 29, 2022