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Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for A Custom Elearning Solution

December 17, 2021 news banner 182

Customized eLearning solution has become popular, of late, owing to the many advantages it provides. eLearning courses are incredibly immersive for learners as they assist your firm to save a significant amount of training expense and time.

Top reasons to choose a customized eLearning solution

The following are some of the most significant factors to consider when choosing a custom eLearning solution:

Customized eLearning solutions to meet company objectives and training requirements:
Custom eLearning content is created in such a way that it aligns with your organization's objectives and training requirements. Learning goals that are aligned with training requirements will offer learners a clear and transparent picture of the course's takeaways, allowing them to concentrate more effectively.

Customizing eLearning solution to suit employees learning style and pace:

When your workforce gets a personalized eLearning course, they will appreciate the time and effort you put into making learning relevant to them. This will inevitably result in a greater level of seriousness and participation in training.

Incorporating game-based learning for engaging learners:

Generic courses may fail to appeal to your learners’ interests or learning styles. Custom eLearning solutions entail game-based learning so that learning becomes fun and interesting. They make learning a little more fun through game-based learning. Most learners always find games interesting as the learners are rewarded with points or badges every time they get an answer correct.

Incorporating Microlearning to make learning easy:

Custom eLearning solutions involve microlearning so that complex concepts or information are broken down into simpler modules. These modules can be viewed and may be understood in 5 to 10 minutes. The eLearning course also includes scenario-based learning so that simplified content enhances learning significantly.

Incorporating animation for immersive learning:

Animations are used in custom eLearning solutions so that ideas can be clearly explained in a simple language that most learners would understand. The animations are based on a topic and various contexts associated with it. 3D animations replicate an environment. This is highly useful for the organizations which prefer to give training about a hazardous environment before asking their employees to work in such conditions.

Translation or content localization: Unlike classroom training, it becomes possible to train employees across the globe with custom eLearning solutions. The custom eLearning solution is also created to suit the language preference of the learners. This not only ensures that learning is enhanced but also provides convenience to the learners as they can undergo training without the need of travelling to the main office.

Interactive content: Custom elearning solutions contain interactive elements or simulation-based interactive elements so that the workforce can get trained for a specific situation. The best example can be a pilot. A pilot can receive training to fly an aircraft that is new to him. The custom eLearning solution will contain all the essential information about various equipment fitted in the aircraft and how to handle them.

December 17, 2021