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Use of Virtual Reality E-Learning Solution in The Retail Industry

May 18, 2022 news banner 222

There is a huge scope for the use of virtual reality in the retail industry according to many research studies. Many studies indicate that most clients want their products to be customized and embedded with virtual reality features. This would allow the customers to interact with the products and understand their features. All these factors are enough to convince the customers to buy a product. These observations were found in product categories like furniture, shoes, and apparel before customers purchased them. Thus, virtual reality is gaining popularity among customers around the world, as it offers the same environment or real-life-seeing experience as observed in the real world. 

Understanding of the working of VR in the retail industry

To use virtual reality (VR), you need to wear a virtual reality headset or a headgear. When you put on the headset, you’ll be immersed in an altogether three-dimensional virtual world, which would allow you to explore different products of different brands. This may not be possible in the real world.

You can come across a virtual employee who would further assist you to understand different departments and products in the virtual shops.

In other words, you can walk through a brand store and check out all the products available in the store before buying one. This way you get to know what’s best for you and what products you can buy at your budget pricing. 

A Voiceover of an employee can be provided along with the virtual tour of a shop so that the shopping experience of the virtual world becomes interesting for the customers.

Further, the feature to purchase a product when customers like your products should be available in the virtual world itself.

Thus, the possibility is limitless with VR-based technology. This post would focus on Virtual reality eLearning training that can be used for training employees, working at different types of shops.

How virtual reality e-learning courses can be used in the retail industry?

Virtual reality e-learning courses can be created by the shop owners or the retail industry so that the employees will get to know what exactly do customers look out for and how to cater to them smartly. 

Onboarding: Virtual reality headsets can be used to make employees understand that each retail brand has its own culture, mission, and values associated with it. Understanding them is important for an employee so that he can absorb the company’s ethics and core values, which can help to serve a customer in the best possible way. 

For an instance, you can ask your employees to be calm and respectful to all the customers during virtual reality e-learning training sessions, provided on a virtual reality headset. 

Many studies show that employees could recall all the core values and mission statements and serve the customers in a welcoming manner when taught with a VR headset.  In other words, using virtual reality e-learning training courses for the onboarding process has turned out to be a successful idea. Importantly, such employees become an asset to a retail organization.

Soft skills: With virtual reality e-learning training sessions which may have a virtual teacher and a simulated classroom, employees can be given soft skill training; especially, how to talk to a higher management team member or a client so as to impress them.

Customer service: Talking to customers over the phone is not an easy task as a customer may become serious and vent out anger at any time. Thus, an employee handling service calls of customers over the mobile phone should be given the training to handle various kinds of customers.

This is possible through virtual reality e-learning sessions where a variety of scenarios are presented to the employees and they are made to deal with the virtual customers. You may be put in the same environment in the virtual world and asked to deal with different customers. 

In challenging situations with difficult customers, you will be coached by your team leader on how to handle the situations who is part of the virtual reality e-learning session. The team leader will act as an instructor to you and guide you wherever he feels it is necessary.

Handling emotions and behavior:

Employees can be trained to handle emotions and behaviors in difficult scenarios with the help of virtual reality e-learning simulations. When employees come across tough-to-handle customers, it becomes difficult for employees to handle their emotions. This is where a team leader or manager can act as a coach to the employees and teach them how to keep emotions and ego out of the customer-dealing process. 

With regular practice in virtual reality e-learning simulations, employees will get over the habit of getting emotionally involved and will become better at dealing with various types of customers.

Safety of the workforce in a hazardous environment:

There may be certain materials that can catch fire when exposed to certain conditions. The workforce can be trained to respond to emergencies such as extinguishing a small fire and handling smoke incidents. Through an e-learning training session, they can be trained to also handle situations related to robbery, shootings, etc. 

Employees can also be trained on how to walk through the staircase safely in case a fire breaks out in a retail building. Certain employees can be trained to show directions to the other employees and customers when a fire breaks out.

Product placement and packaging:

Employees can be trained on a variety of skills related to product placement or replacement of products. They can also be trained on replenishment and various processes from ordering to the packaging of different products.

Customer service in restaurants and booking schedules:

Using the virtual reality e-learning training course, employees can be taught on how to remember a list of items ordered by the customers and how to serve the ordered food in a way that makes them happy. Employees can also be trained on booking seats for the customers using a simulated software which allows booking tables for customers or seats for customers as per their convenience.


Virtual reality e-learning solutions can help employees to learn a variety of skills and apply them in their daily life. If you are one of those corporate organizations looking out for an e-learning development company that creates virtual reality e-learning solutions, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one of the pioneers in creating VR-based e-learning solutions. The best aspect of dealing with VKCL is that it understands all your requirements patiently and creates various versions that may exceed your expectations.

May 18, 2022