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What are the factors you need to incorporate in the corporate e-learning solution to make it enjoyable?

April 09, 2021 news banner 116

Consider a typical training session scenario. Some of them seriously listen to the lectures and try to comprehend as much they can. Some section of the trainees, who would like to understand the concepts during the training session, get distracted as their level of concentration is low. Certain trainees find a training lecture completely dull and boring. Through all these scenarios, you will get the idea that a typical training session is not efficient. The reason being, it manages to deliver the knowledge to only a certain segment of the professionals. Other trainees hardly manage to get some information into their heads. According to a research study, it has been found that the majority of the employees who attend training sessions are either indifferent or dissatisfied with corporate training. 

Making training session enjoyable through corporate e-learning solution

The current corporate training is straightforward, lengthy, and contains a lot of complex information. To make a corporate training session interesting, certain fun-based activities have to be adopted that doesn’t follow the usual rules. To elaborate, certain elements of fun or games should be introduced that make the professionals feel like they are playing a game rather than attending a training session. Elements of mystery and unpredictability are introduced in the corporate e-learning solution. By this, the learners feel that they are solving some kind of mystery as it happens while playing a computer game. Further branching scenarios are added so that the learning becomes more interesting. By bringing elements of fun, unpredictability, further branching scenarios and reward systems, learners will find learning more like a game and start enjoying it. In other words, you’re breaking the cycle of predictability and dullness and making the learners see learning from an entirely different perspective.

Element of unpredictability

It is always fun when teaching is done in an unpredictable way such that the learners are motivated to find out the answer by using the clues. This way while joining the clues they will apply what they have learnt so that they will get an overall idea about the topic. This is where the simulation plays a vital part. The simulation contains information in the form of animation which is shown to the trainees. The trainees have to check out the simulation and answer the questions asked by the simulation. The entire process is more like solving a mystery. Each question is in the form of animation with certain options. The trainees have to check them out, and accordingly, answer based on the knowledge they have assimilated by going through lecture videos and the animation.

In the corporate e-learning solution, the learning session is divided into various stages. On completing a level of training, they are rewarded with certain points. These techniques make the learners feel as if they are playing a game.

VKCL’s corporate e-learning solution

VK Creative learning creates e-learning solutions based on the exact requirements of the clients. It’s experts sit together to create awesome gaming scenarios so that the learners enjoy the training session and feel curious to learn more.

April 09, 2021