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What Makes a Custom Elearning Solution The Best Bang for The Buck?

February 13, 2022 news banner 195

From the past few years, the popularity and growth of personalized e-learning solutions in India have been expanding, with each year writing a new success story. The key drivers of development include businesses' recognition of the high impact nature of e-learning content during training sessions, as well as easy access to study materials over the internet on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Importantly, e-learning development businesses in India provide specialized e-learning solutions that are compatible with a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

Are custom e-learning courses better than off-the-shelf courses?

In almost every way, custom e-learning courses outperform off-the-shelf courses. Custom content, as the name implies, is a specialized e-Learning design built for personalized usage with information tailored to individual situations or a certain sector. They not only efficiently communicate your learning goals but also retain the brand identity.

Off-the-shelf or generic training materials, on the other hand, are ready-made courses and no efforts are put in to create personalized content. Hence, it may not focus on all the aspects that may optimize your learning potential. It is more of a one-size-fits-all eLearning that fails to focus on essential facets of learning such as the style and pace of learners.

Although an off-the-shelf training may cover your needed topics, it will also include a lot of irrelevant or unsuitable material for your employees since it is designed for a wide audience. 

An effective custom eLearning creation includes all the hallmarks features to make the learning memorable, interesting, and motivating, whether it's for performance enhancement or altering attitudes/behaviors. Thus, learners who take personalized courses have higher levels of engagement, interest, and retention.

The simplicity with which the custom eLearning courses may be updated and maintained offsets its cost and even gives a good return on investment. On the other hand, no updation can be made to Off-the-shelf or generic training content.

What’s the latest trend in custom e-learning systems?

Despite the increasing expansion of internet users in India and the widespread usage of mobile phones and tablets, not many e-learning development organizations in India have been successful in developing an e-learning training solution that meets an organization's training needs. So, unless the e-learning courseware is designed to meet an organization's business goals and increase productivity, the e-learning courseware may fail to make the desired impact on the learners.

The following are some latest trends to follow while creating engaging customized e-learning courseware.

1. Simple, intuitive, and appealing interface: Creating a user interface that provides instant access to e-learning courseware information is a significant benefit. An e-learning development business, for example, may offer an interface with features like voice search, simple navigation, visual appeal, visual consistency, simple content arrangement, suitable eye-friendly colors, attractive themes, and the proper font size.

2. Skilled team: Hiring highly qualified and well-versed industry experts to design customized e-learning solutions in India makes a significant difference in the content quality of the e-learning course materials.

3. Incorporation of 3D animation, simulation, games, and quizzes for improved comprehension: To make e-learning courseware a major success among the public, the material must be appealing, dynamic, interesting, and engaging. This may be accomplished by including 3D animation,  games, simulation, and quizzes, which can lead to a better understanding of various subjects.

4. Incorporation of best practices for generating relevant eLearning material: Learners prefer concise, relevant, and insightful eLearning content. As a result, e-learning development businesses should create e-learning material that is not rhetorical, boring, or passive, but rather enticing and compelling enough for learners to complete all of the chapters.

5. Custom e-learning systems should also cater to the visually handicapped: Blindness imposes possibly the greatest challenges for visually impaired people. For them, custom eLearning solutions are created in such a way that they can understand a user interface. This is achieved by assistive technology, such as a screen reader with a speech synthesizer, included in the courseware to allow blind and visually impaired persons to engage with the user interface.

A screen reader reads the information of a user interface, which helps the blind or visually impaired person to navigate various sections of the eLearning modules.

Customized e-Learning Content Benefits

One of the main advantages of custom e-Learning design is that it can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and formats, with a variety of different combinations to meet any organization's demands.

Customized learning material has a number of additional benefits, such as:

  • When a specific approach to a specific topic or training is required, it is the ideal choice.
  • This kind of e-Learning design enables you to meet the requirements for significant branding as well as any special adjustments required for the content's appearance and feel.
  •  Custom e-Learning courses, unlike off-the-shelf material, make onboarding new employees easier since they are tailored to a company's unique goods and operations.

February 13, 2022