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What Makes Personalized eLearning so Effective for Professionals Who Avoid Training Sessions?

July 12, 2022 news banner 238

Training sessions are regarded as the most beneficial for the development of a company's specialists, as they provide them with the most recent workplace-relevant knowledge. However, some professionals may not be interested in attending a training session. There are several reasons why certain professionals may choose to avoid training sessions. In this blog article, we have outlined some reasons why a professional may not want to attend a training session, as well as how a personalized e-learning solution might address this issue.

Reasons why professionals may not prefer a training session

There are multiple reasons why a professional may avoid a training session and they are listed below.

1. A one-size-fits-all training session solution.

If a training session is done utilizing a collection of manuals and frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages or a one-size-fits-all online solution, there is a significant likelihood that the professionals receiving the training will not attend the training session. The reason behind this is that the majority of the information offered in manuals or a one-size-fits-all online solution may be tedious since it consists mostly of text with no accompanying graphics.

2. Transitioning from a conventional classroom to a computer-based session

The transition from a conventional classroom session to computer-based or online training in a virtual classroom alters professionals' learning experiences. Their inability to adapt to the new learning environment prevents them from becoming accustomed to the online learning environment. They feel it may be difficult to get familiarized with the new learning system.

In a typical classroom, passive listening and note-taking are required, while online conversations require quick questioning and constant attention. Thus, traditional-minded professionals may find it difficult to adjust to eLearning sessions; nevertheless, they may be persuaded to do so by providing Learning Management Systems (LMS) that enable them to access information in any format and at their desired time. 

Also, discussing with them the advantages of eLearning sessions may alter their perspective about eLearning sessions and better equip professionals for an eLearning training session.

3. Onboarding experience with instruction manual approach.

Unfortunately, it is customary for some firms to rely on instruction manuals for staff training, particularly during the onboarding process. An important objective of employee onboarding is to initiate the development of each individual's potential but an instruction manual method may not be effective in this regard. 

On the other hand, a personalized e-learning solution can turn out to be the best tool for an onboarding process as it is suited to each learner's unique set of demands and degree of experience.

What makes personalized eLearning content so effective?

Web-based training, often known as an eLearning solution, is capable of offering a tailored learning approach, while not being built with specific individuals in mind. A customized onboarding eLearning training and learning experience may be provided through an eLearning course by:

  • Assessing the learner's current degree of knowledge and beginning with the appropriate level of difficulty.
  • Inviting learners to participate and customize their own training experience.
  • Allowing access to the content anytime.

Advantages of customized e-learning training sessions

Let's examine the advantages of using customized eLearning training sessions.

Long-term savings for the company

The initial cost of a one-size-fits-all employee training program is low, but one size seldom fits everyone. When new recruits don't get the information they need, they often take one or more of the following actions: 

  • They spend time searching for the information
  • They make mistakes as they don’t have an idea about the process
  •  They quit out of frustration as they lack clarity of different processes

And when a new employee departs, training their successor means extra expenditure. Thus, it is far better to invest in personalized eLearning courses that help to retain professionals to understand concepts easily and upgrade themselves on time.

A fair system

One-size-fits-all training disregards diversity in learning patterns and cultural differences. It might fail to do justice to the professionals who have the aptitude for the role but lack the knowledge to comprehend specific topics in the training.

Hence if training is tailored and knowledge gaps are addressed, that would help the professionals to get acquainted with the knowledge that they require to complete their tasks at the workplace easily.

Steps to personalize an e-learning solution

There are several facets to implementing tailored training for your professionals and here are some suggestions.

Employees are surveyed to determine their training needs

A survey, interview, or aptitude test may be used to determine the skills required to deliver an effective eLearning training session. During this process, you would focus on what all concepts and knowledge are essential for upskilling the employee to suit the company goals.

Include evaluation quizzes in each eLearning module

This method customizes specific modules for each professional. It involves a little more work on the side of the instructional designer, but it may save learners countless hours by enabling them to bypass unneeded information or, if required, seek out training at a lower level.

Mentoring with training

Mentoring has been a valuable method of work training since the ages and still considered to be one of the most successful ones today. In addition to eLearning training materials, it can be used as a complement to guide an employee's training in the desired direction. 

Identifying areas of improvement

Identifying the areas of improvement through quizzes or through discussions with employees can help to shape an efficient personalized e-learning training solution. You can also identify the areas of improvement based on prior training experience and by taking inputs from the instructors.

Create a collection of training modules

For some organizations, professionals must become proficient in a number of activities. In this situation, a flexible approach to training is effective. 

When a company's eLearning training materials are organized into easily retrievable components like PDF papers, PowerPoint presentations, or short movies, professionals can focus on the precise skills they need to do their jobs.


Personalizing your employee onboarding training does not need a big redesign. You can try the above measures and see the effects yourself. To know more about creating a personalized eLearning course, you can contact VK Creative Learning (VKCL) which has vast experience in developing a wide range of e-learning solutions. 

July 12, 2022