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Why Does Investment in Custom eLearning Solutions Pay Off?

December 23, 2020 news banner 89

Many research reports indicate that children would be able to assimilate the information taught by the teachers faster when the concepts are explained in such a way that visualisation of the concepts becomes easy. Concept visualisation turns easier when the learners don’t confront heavily worded information in a paragraph. All the problems emanate when students are not able to decipher the meaning of multiple sentences given in a paragraph. This happens when a sentence itself contains valuable but difficult to understand information. In other words, learning depends upon the ability of the learners to visualise which in turn depends upon how a concept is explained in a simplified way. Thus owing to this reason, many students are not equally on par with their peers when it comes to the understanding of heavily worded or scientific terms provided in the reference book or textbooks. Besides these, although the reference book or textbook will be decent for a handful of blessed children who can understand by reading the textbook, the case may not be the same with others. Many children require detailed explanation along with diagrams to understand a concept. Further, they may require some kind of full-motion video explanation to understand difficult scientific information. This is where a customised e-learning solution built on the inputs of the schools, institutes and universities turn out to be a practical solution. 

What possible eLearning solutions come under customised eLearning solutions?

Customised e-learning solutions offer the features and benefits other forms of teaching methodologies or software may find it difficult to match. To start with, customised e-learning solutions allows a school or university or to design an e-learning solution that fulfils their learning objectives, based on the curriculum standards.  E-learning companies like VK Creative Learning (VKCL) are the organisations that create e-learning platforms, incorporating the latest technologies and international educational standards to build a robust and reliable curriculum-based e-learning courseware. 

A quick look at the advantages of VKCL’s curriculum-based eLearning solution

Equipped with vast experience of more than 10 years in e-learning space, VKCL’s e-learning platform allows the children, teachers, and parents to know how the children are performing, and identify the areas that the students are finding it difficult to understand. Various shortcomings are improved by implementing certain strategies in the e-learning platform. To give a simplest example, suppose if a learner finds it difficult to understand the chemical reaction of potassium or sodium or chlorine with water, oxygen, or some acid. In such cases, actual chemical reaction videos or animated videos are displayed with detailed explanation and equations. Videos based on real life situations, or detailed animated videos and simulations make concept explanation simple and encourage the students to learn the concepts. Additionally, introduction of quizzes and assignments test how much the students have understood about a concept or chapter. These in-depth analysis and high focus on all aspects related to the concept strengthening and concept comprehension. These extra emphasis by VKCL on rendering 360 degree learning through its customised e-learning solutions ensure that students learn the concepts deeply by involving themselves and pay the utmost concentration to what has been taught. Also, such techniques boost memory retention as episodic memory is created and retained by the learners as they see, analyse, and learn the information.


December 23, 2020