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Why Use Microlearning in Custom eLearning Solutions?

April 15, 2023 news banner 284

Have you ever found yourself grappling with abstruse concepts whilst perusing an online course? If affirmative, fret not, you have company. Scores of learners encounter this very quandary on a regular basis. The primary culprit responsible for this predicament is the relentless deluge of information that overloads one's senses. 

For instance, endeavoring to apprehend the intricacies of a newfangled software program or comprehending each step involved in its operation can be quite onerous. Moreover, the language employed may be excessively technical or rife with perplexing jargon; thereby rendering it puzzling for laypersons to decipher.

Here's where the use of microlearning in custom eLearning solutions emerges as a lifesaver. When complex concepts are broken into bite-sized bits utilizing microlearning in eLearning, learners can effortlessly apprehend the information and then apply it in practical situations. It eliminates the feeling of being inundated with superfluous data, allowing them to concentrate on each element of a topic meticulously.

For instance, when mastering a programming language like C++, one needn't endeavor to acquire all-encompassing knowledge regarding coding. Rather, commencing with grasping fundamental concepts such as what variables signify is more efficacious. Then, proceeding on to intricate subjects like functions and classes would then be appropriate.

Understanding What Is Microlearning and What Makes It Different?

Microlearning in eLearning is a pedagogical technique that involves breaking down intricate topics into bite-sized and digestible pieces of modules. This method emphasizes providing concise and easily absorbed content to learners, enabling them to comprehend convoluted concepts in a simplistic way. A plethora of strategies can be employed to ensure the efficacy of Microlearning in achieving learning objectives.

Different Ways to Incorporate Microlearning in eLearning Solutions

There are several techniques to incorporate microlearning in eLearning solutions and they are:
1.    Multimedia
2.    Gamification
3.    Infographics and Images

Multimedia: A marvelous method to incorporate microlearning techniques is by utilizing various multimedia materials like videos, podcasts, infographics, and animations. For example, in an informative video tutorial on coding, several modules with simple language can be presented. Thus, the complex aspects of a programming language can be divided into smaller digestible fragments that are more easily absorbed by learners.

Gamification: Another way to implement microlearning techniques is by using gamification strategies. This approach of presenting concepts in small modules in form of games and quizzes encourages learners to participate in interactive sessions that reinforce their knowledge acquisition and retention. Gamification also fosters a fun and immersive learning experience for learners while motivating them to complete training sessions quickly and efficiently.

Infographics and Images: A superb strategy to incorporate microlearning into eLearning solutions is by utilizing infographics and imagery. Infographics serve as a pictorial depiction of data or information, while images can encompass an array of visual media from snapshots to sketches. When utilized judiciously, these forms of visualization possess the ability to simplify intricate concepts with ease.

The utilization of imagery in eLearning materials fosters a powerful emotional bond with scholars, inducing emotions and contemplations that strengthen the knowledge acquisition process.

Benefits of Microlearning in Custom eLearning Solutions
There are various advantages that come with incorporating Microlearning into Custom eLearning Solutions. 

Retention of Learned Concepts: One of the most significant benefits is its effectiveness in improving the retention of learned concepts. 

A splendid alternative to the traditional approach of tackling an entire module in one go is microlearning. By breaking down complex topics into bite-sized pieces, learners can absorb and remember information more easily.

This ingenious method permits the learners to absorb each tiny fragment individually, thereby facilitating efficient processing and storage of new information within their brains. Consequently, this enhances learners’ ability to recollect everything that they learned over time with greater ease.

Enhanced Engagement: Employing Microlearning in customized eLearning Solutions can notably enhance participation by offering small, manageable portions of data that are concise in nature to apprehend and memorize. By disassembling intricate subjects into bite-sized segments, trainees can concentrate on one notion at a time.

Consider the challenge of learning an entire language in a single go versus familiarizing oneself with fundamental vocabulary first. The latter method makes more sense and instills motivation in learners to learn completely.

Cost and Time Saving: Microlearning in eLearning saves costs by reducing the need for expensive instructors and classroom rentals. Instead, eLearning platforms provide all the required resources through LMS, eliminating the need for physical resources altogether. Moreover, these modules can be easily updated as technology advances or processes change, ensuring that the training remains relevant over time.

Concordantly, the utilization of microlearning-based eLearning solutions saves time too. Suppose an institution aims to upskill its sales agents on novel product offerings. In such a scenario, they can deploy microlearning modules infused with bite-sized videos and interactive quizzes rather than hosting tedious classroom sessions with instructors. This approach empowers the staff to acquire knowledge at their own leisurely pace, curbing the time spent away from work while still accomplishing the desired learning objectives.


Amidst the frenzied pace of contemporary society, a collective yearning for knowledge growth and personal development exists. Obviously, the utilization of eLearning modules that cater to their distinct learning speeds and approach seems to be the solution. But can eLearning solutions fulfill this expectation?

Microlearning modules incorporated into these eLearning solutions fulfill the personalization prerequisite while simultaneously accommodating the demands of present-day life. Through micro-learning, learners have the opportunity to participate in brief bursts of learning that suit their rushed schedules, matching their preferred style and pace of learning.

Illustrating the idea, learners preferring short visual aids like videos or animations might check them out in the eLearning solutions, whereas someone who learns better through small auditory files means can listen to audio recordings or podcasts.

Another avenue to individualize knowledge acquisition lies in granting learners the liberty to select from a multitude of options as to how they engage with the material. Activities such as interactive quizzes, games, and simulations can serve as efficacious tools that both enhance learners’ engagement and motivation while allowing them to understand a topic comprehensively.


In the current frenzied world, customary pedagogical techniques are insufficient. Microlearning proffers a more flexible and individualized avenue to learning that fits well with the present-day hectic routines of professionals. By splitting up information into small digestible portions, learners can assimilate and hold on to the knowledge without becoming inundated. 
VK Creative Solution offers custom-made eLearning solutions incorporating microlearning techniques to help learners understand concepts easily and completely--without any hassles.

April 15, 2023