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Goal-Oriented Development: eLearning for High-Potential Employees

June 30, 2024 elearning for employee

It is of high importance for any organization to spot as well as to nurture high-potential employees so that they can contribute to the growth of the company as well as their own career success. But doing so is not so easy but in fact tricky; mainly because of several training hurdles. 

Imagine a situation wherein a large number of employees have to be trained in a short period of time on some newly arrived technology or some management methodologies. 

Wondering what would be the association between training sessions and nurturing high-potential employees. Well, the answer lies in defining a clear path through goal-orientation programs instead of opting for one-size-fits-all types of training paths. 

To give a better clarity on this: you can think of a company that holds a generic customer service training that holds a goal-orientated training session that might address the specific needs of employees who are aiming for a leadership role.

Another limitation in the current learning landscape can be the trends that keep on changing now and then with time owing to the fast-changing market demands. So in such cases, following outdated methodologies may not work as they may not include any information on the latest developments.

Besides these, if a company opts for generic eLearning modules, thinking they may be convenient, such a decision, sometimes, can result in a high level of learners' disengagement and low completion rates cannot be ruled out. Imagine having high-potential employees who have to spend a lot of time clicking through a vast number of lengthy modules consisting majorily of text information but not related directly in any way to their career goals -- goal orientation idea missing.

So, what can be an ideal solution in such circumstances considering the goal-orientation notion in view along with developing growth prospects of high potential employees?  The answer lies in adopting an eLearning platform, which can fulfill both of the agendas so that not only high potential but even average employees can turn into skilled workforce. 

In sync with the hurdles, in order to address the current challenges, we will focus on how to identify the best performers, retention strategies, development paths, and more in the subsequent sections through the virtual learning platform and goal-orientation eLearning programs.

Leveraging eLearning Data for Smart Talent Identification and Skill Development 

If a company is looking out for long-term progress, then it is essential for it to consider identifying and getting high-potential (HIPO) employees acquired with next-level skills. However, sometimes with traditional methods, this may become difficult and even time-consuming due to the lack of personalized learning paths for different types of learners. This is where eLearning courseware steps in, as it has the required features to offer a powerful solution in order to create a goal-oriented development (GOD) program for your HIPOs.

Leveraging Data for Smart Talent Identification

With an eLearning platform, it can become possible to extend the training beyond the usual run-of-the-mill courses. To be precise, eLearning systems can provide the features of displaying the current performance level of employees through skill assessment algorithms after training sessions. This way, it will become easier for companies to know employees who are consistently sticking to strong goal-orientation strategies and producing results. 

In other words, with the eLearning platform, you can identify all the salespersons who are consistently exceeding targets and taking the required initiatives in closing deals after attending goal-orientation training programs.  

Importantly, when these data are coupled with assessments, it may be possible to assess and spot future potential leaders who have the drive to bring business success.

Personalized Learning Pathways for Individual Growth

Once high-potential employees have been spotted, then eLearning platform can be utilized for helping them go a step further. That is: by carefully examining the high-potential employees' areas of strengths as well as their weaknesses, the platform equipped with goal orientation agendas and high-end algorithms can recommend unique and practical learning pathways -- personalized -- that cater to their needs.  

For example, there may be engineers in a company who may possess exceptional technical skills but they may lack the needed communication skills. After evaluation by the eLearning system, it might recommend courses on public speaking and presentation skills along with a set of goals. This measure when incorporated will ensure that high-performance employees are continuously undergoing the much-necessary development of skills with specific proficiency to excel in their existing roles.

Retention Strategies: Keeping Your High Performers Engaged

After identifying talents in your firm, it becomes essential to keep your high-performance employees engaged (they should find their work interesting with some personal aims to achieve) and stay motivated -- both factors are equally important. Here's where the utilization of the eLearning platform can play a vital role in retention strategies -- ensures employees don't leave the company.  

Precisely put, when clear career roadmaps are put in place along with achievable milestones based on goal-orientation strategies, employees will notice a tangible path for their advancement. 

This program can be further improvised by assigning workplace-related assignments through the eLearning platform and implementing mentorship programs separately. These measures can help them challenge their existing abilities and strive to enhance them. 

Above all, it would highly assist the cause when motivating factors such as recognition and reward systems are incorporated for achieving goal-oriented objectives through the eLearning platform. Also, when high-potential employees have accomplished or completed the assigned task, they are ready to move on to the next level and take on more challenges -- reinforcing the value placed on goal-oriented behavior.

How Do High-Potential Employees Benefit Through Goal-Oriention eLearning Programs?

There are a lot of benefits that high-potential employees will derive when the eLearning platform is utilized for training purposes along with goal-orientations programs. Importantly, these talented individuals when trained continuously have the prospects to turn into future leaders and innovators. With these in perspective, we have listed down multiple benefits hereunder that companies can reap on adopting an eLearning platform to identify and train high-potential employees for future growth. 

Personalized Learning Boosts Engagement

There always lies a possibility wherein HIPO employees are able to become pros at sales or management but, unfortunately, their negotiation skills are not up to par. Hence, in such cases, traditional training focuses on generic courses and may not be able to address their required upskilling needs. 

However, with goal-orientation eLearning programs, a firm may have more than one option to enhance the ability of the high-potential employees. Elaborately put, an eLearning platform will allow companies to assess and understand the strengths and weaknesses of employees and take a close view of their upskilling necessities. 

This way a personalized learning path can be designed to suit the learning styles and pace of the employees in sync with their career aspirations. As a result of this measure, high-performance employees do not veer away from the set goals and continue to stay engaged and committed to their work tasks.

Clear Path to Success: Skills and Advancement

It always helps when a proper roadmap is laid which will aid high-performance employees to take up higher-level responsibilities in a management or leadership role.

To understand this situation, let us suppose that talented marketing specialists are eager to take up leadership roles.  

In such a case, a goal-oriented eLearning program can be utilized to map out a set of learning paths with possible outcomes. Also, a company may introduce employees dealing with leadership roles to understand the significance of different cultures and better communication skills to handle teams effectively through training modules in eLearning courseware.

With each module getting completed over a period of time, employees start gaining valuable insights and building strong prospects for future promotions. 

Introducing high-potential employees with a range of skills by imparting knowledge to them based on goal-oriented agendas may help them to become versatile and assist the company’s growth.

If your company is interested in incorporating goal-oriented training programs through the eLearning platform for high-potential employees, you can contact VK Creative Learning.

VKCL has been assisting various types of firms from different industries for past ten years by building the kind of eLearning platform with multiple features and simplified learning materials so that learning becomes easy. Also, the learning objectives are taken care of along with goals so that even the company’s growth are given high importance.

June 30, 2024