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Factors that Make Corporate eLearning Solution Impactful

September 22, 2020 news banner 65

Possible problems the trainees face with training sessions


Conducting training to update the skills and knowledge of the employees is an indispensable aspect of a corporate organisation. Thus the training course has to be well planned and designed so that the trainees can assimilate the information provided in the training session easily.  Additionally, since the majority of the organisations have their offices located in different parts of the globe, all the employees in different branches have to be trained.

Mostly, this form of training takes place through long-distance video call, or a webinar or the recorded training session’s video is to various branches so that the trainees can see and understand the required information. Besides these, certain organisations ask their employees in different corners of the world to come to the central office to attend the training session. Though these ideas may sound good; however, they are not practical as there are plenty of hurdles that employees may face to attend the training session.

Consider a situation wherein the trainees have to come to the central office to attend the training session. Suppose the trainees are stuck up with some urgent work of the organisation, or family matter, or personal health problems, it may be difficult for the trainees to attend the training session. Similarly with remote LIVE training sessions, some technical problems may arise, creating an obstacle for the learners. This is where a corporate e-learning solution is very reliable and effective.

Why do corporate e-learning solutions turn out to be the best tool for training the employees?

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) with more than 10 years of experience in the e-learning space has been developing different forms of e-learning content. Being cognizant of the problems that an organisation faces for training employees located at different locations, VKCL develops smart, innovative and efficient corporate e-learning solutions. It considers a host of indispensable factors such as time zones, cultural differences and language barriers for the same. The corporate e-learning solution comprises 2-D and 3D animated videos; video lectures of the experts; detailed analysis with infographics; quizzes, assignments, and doubt solving sessions. Thus the e-learning solution turns out to be a complete package for the learners. All these aspects ensure that an organisation doesn’t have to worry about any aspect related to training its employees who are spread out worldwide in different work locations. 

Salient features of VKCL‘s corporate e-learning solution are as follows:

  1. Learners in any part of the world can access the e-learning course materials at a time and place of their own convenience.
  2. The content has been thoroughly analysed and refined by the industry experts along with content specialists so that the content is easy to understand. To be specific, the concept of microlearning has been introduced so that learners are not overloaded with loads of information. Unlike many manuals or reference books, wherein learners get fatigued at the end of a chapter, microlearning methodology turns out to be superior, as a complicated concept gets broken down into several understandable modules, each of about 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. The e-learning course materials are specifically designed to suit the learning pace of the learners.
  4. Animated content; simulations, and multiple examples with assistive multiple diagrams enhance understanding of the concepts.


September 22, 2020