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Factors that make VKCL elearning solutions a big hit among School, Universities and Corporate Organisations

August 11, 2020 news banner 56

VKCL has been developing different types of e-learning solutions for various industries, right from academic e-learning solutions to corporate e-learning solutions, from the past 10 years. With a vast experience in e-learning content development, it has specialised the art of developing a huge range of e-learning solutions that fit the exact requirements of the learners. The requirements being, learning pace, comprehension, learning approach, and other finely tuned content needs. What have distinguished and made our e-learning solutions quite popular among the learners, schools, universities, various corporate organisations, and different industries are as follows :

  1. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in the e-learning solutions.
  2. Robust Learning management System (LMS) containing a wide range of content
  3. Customised e-learning solutions

Incorporation of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the e-learning solutions

1. AR/VR based e-learning solutions for children, schools, institutes and universities.

VKCL makes subjects like history, mathematics, and science easy by using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in its e-learning solutions. To elaborate, science and mathematics are taught by using three-dimensional figures and diagrams on the virtual reality devices, containing eLearning courseware. This allows the learners to see, understand, and experience the algebraic expressions and geometrical figures easily.  Learning through observation optimises comprehension, be it a mathematical three-dimensional figure, or anatomy of humans, or any historical events. Using augmented e-learning solutions, learners get to understand about their surroundings as computerised information gets overlaid on the physical world.

2. AR/VR based e-learning solutions for corporate professionals and new trainee technicians 

Training of corporate professionals or new technicians in the mechanical or chemical or any other industry becomes convenient by the use of AR/VR based e-learning solutions. The e-learning courseware helps the trainees to get acquainted with the new technology or the desired hard drive or an engine up-close by diving deep into the different functioning aspects and technicalities of it. With the help of a three-dimensional view or detailed explanation using the help of two-dimensional diagrams, the comprehension of the concepts becomes simple and easy.

Robust Learning management System (LMS)

VKCL offers an LMS, which allows learners to access content as per their convenience. VKCL's LMS contains 3-D and 2-D animation; various types of infographics and examples with multiple images; simulations; textual PDFs and PPTs. Most importantly, learners are assigned assessments by the LMS based on the chapters covered, along with quizzes and tests, so that the learner’s understanding about the concepts can be assessed. Further, a progress report is generated based on the learner’s performance, available on the LMS. By going through the performance report, the learners will understand their progress, and they can work on different areas of improvement

Customised e-learning solutions

VKCL develops customised e-learning solutions which are tailor-made to suit the learning speed and different needs of the learners. With the help of 3-D and 2-D animated content along with simulations, the learners get a 360° view of the concepts and they get a deeper understanding about the technicalities related to a topic. Intricate concepts are given more emphasis through detailed explanation with the help of various images. Important definitions and features are highlighted. Activities sections are provided so that learners can perform and test them to understand the concepts completely.


August 11, 2020