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The Learning Revolution in Your Pocket: Mobile Corporate eLearning Solutions

March 01, 2024 online learning

When it comes to the landscape of corporate training, it is undergoing a massive and impactful shift -- sweeping changes from many aspects. 

Elaborately put, those days when one used to struggle with one-size-fits-all course materials are history now. The reason for this transformation is the technological evolution that has made the conventional mode of knowledge-seeking look obsolete. Wondering why so -- there are many advantages attached to it.

But before we get into those details, let us understand what exactly is that radical shift that has made training a lot easier. The key is the Mobile eLearning solution, also known to many as mLearning, which allows professionals to go through the content as when they have time and as per their convenience. 

To understand this, imagine that a sales representative is waiting to meet his client so as to present his product features. In such a case, there is no need for him to flip through dry manuals quickly to comprehend the product details. Instead, he just checks out the essential information on the phone swiftly -- hence, no more fat manual to lug around.

Thus, just-in-time mobile learning service not only eases the executives' jobs, but it also helps them to upskill as when they find the time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the eLearning material can be accessed from anywhere -- if a company has cloud computing infrastructure too.

Importantly, it contains the information in a bit-sized manner and in an explanatory way with the use of animations. These aspects ensure that employees are able to retain the knowledge as they keep learning new strategies.

The Learning Crossroads -- Where Traditional Methods Meet Mobile Innovation

There are multiple advantages that can help both firms and the people working in it when mLearning courseware is adopted for training purposes.

Upskilling fast way:
For a company, a workforce is more like a vibrant city brimming with talents that need constant upgradation. In such a dynamic business landscape, it is essential that the executives are constantly updated with the latest knowledge so that they are ready to deliver what is expected from them -- from the company's perspective.

However, the vibrant city gets congested if it follows outdated transportation networks (in the case of individuals, the traditional form of learning without any emphasis on the latest development). These results significantly hamper the flow of knowledge that hinders the growth of the employees. Also, the company is bereft of efficient workers owing to this policy.

This is where mobile eLearning solutions turn out to be a savior as the employees carry mobiles most of the time and they can upskill themselves as they get some leisure time, without separately allocating time for the classroom session. 

Lengthy training sessions: Prolonged lectures can clash with professionals' demanding work pressure (think of tight deadlines). This would obviously lead to low attendance as far as individuals attending the classroom go and will also result in fragmented learning. 

Elaborately put with an example: Think about a marketing unit who have to juggle client campaigns along with social media deadlines. For such team members,  it may become extremely difficult to attend a week-long sales training seminar as they have multiple deadlines to handle at the same time.

Catering to different types of learners: There are different types of people who prefer to have different types of course materials (that is, they have diverse learning styles) suited as per their preferences. 

Some individuals uptake the information quickly when the information is provided in the form of visuals or audio while others like to do things practically -- as an active participant performing some physical activity to acquire knowledge.

So for such sorts of employees, one-size-fits-all content may fail as different instructional technique suits them.

Elaborately put, if faculties (who perform static teaching or based on only text) conduct lectures for people who process specific details visually, aurally, or through kinetic physical movement, there is a high chance that they may not understand the core concepts properly.

Solution: Mobile eLearning platforms contain a variety of interactive elements -- these can be games, multimedia content for example animation, and personalized learning paths (something tuned to the learning styles of different learners). This type of course content will be apt for the varied preferences of the trainees and will aid highly in boosting engagement and knowledge retention.

Accessibility Roadblocks: Location constraints and inflexible schedules cause plenty of problems for remote employees or those with travel limitations. Imagine a geographically dispersed sales team missing out on product launch training due to travel limitations.

In such scenarios, mobile eLearning companies can create mLearning solutions as per the needs of the companies' goals and in a way that matches with the expectations of most employees in terms of easy-to-understand course material and accessibility.

Importantly, this allows one to transcend the limitations of geographical locations -- get trained from any place and at any time of one's convenience. This also helps remote learners to overcome the issue of schedule constraints.

Budgetary Tollbooths: Arranging costly venues or calling instructors frequently can strain the budgets of an enterprise when it comes to training employees. This holds true, especially for smaller companies or startups that have limited financial liberties. 

Imagine this: would a new company that has just started be able to offer multiple training programs in a month's time for its team? 

Solution: Again mobile electronic courseware can be a lifesaver when it comes to conducting training at a lower cost considering venue rental and regular visits by the instructor can be avoided completely.

Mobile eLearning services can be a substitute in the form of subscription models or even firms can opt for cloud-based platforms -- making high-quality training within easy reach even for organizations (especially small ones) that are watchful of costs.

Measurement Maze: Unless there are some measures in place to ensure that learning goals are assessed and ways of improvement can be shared with the participants, it may be difficult to determine the ROI. Furthermore, it may become tricky in all ways to perfect the existing initiatives and grasp the sought-after objectives.

Imagine a company planning a training program based on an understanding of risk assessments for newbies based on financial matters or market conditions. 

In such a case, unless the people who are dealing with risk management matters are fully aware of various factors that may lead to the underlying causes of the risks, the training may not serve its purpose.

Solution: In such cases, it may be wise to make use of mobile eLearning platforms as they can be incorporated with essential course materials containing details and various in-depth analyses of different market conditions that may assist the beginners massively.

Mobile corporate eLearning courseware can be an apt solution for people who are confined by tight deadlines and cannot sit in a classroom for hours to attend a training session. This is because it can be accessed from anywhere and based on the convenience of the employees.
If your company intends to create mobile eLearning solutions, then you can get in touch with VK Creative Learning as it has vast experience in creating mLearning course materials as per the requirements of the company.

March 01, 2024