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From Newcomer to Team Player: The Essential eLearning Induction Training Program

May 15, 2024 induction training program

Imagine this situation wherein a fresh face lands on a company floor, having nervous energy, and is clouded by many unfamiliar thoughts. This is obvious considering that he doesn't have any idea about the company culture and how he would be made to fit in the different roles by his seniors. This is precisely where induction training programs come as a savior as they turn out to be a guiding path, answering all these doubts and queries. 

Talking about the induction program, traditionally, it used to be very monotonous with lengthy presentations and the participants had to carry fat books. Thankfully those woeful days for attending the induction training program are no longer the same due to the eLearning induction training course. 

eLearning platform is a better choice due to the fact that it offers professionals flexibility as when it is possible for them and as many interactive elements which makes training fun.

To understand this, you can imagine that newbies are given initial classroom training and asked to go through eLearning training material so that they can practice various scenarios that exist in the workplace. Elaborately put, the eLearning platform presents various scenarios in the form of quizzes with animations or simulations so that new joiners can respond to the scenario -- what they feel is right as per the scenario, and choose the appropriate answer. 

This way the new joiners get confidence as their knowledge increases and they learn about the work-related situations through a virtual environment. Also, it helps them to understand what are the company policies and various processes that they need to get involved in as per their designated role. Thus in many ways, an eLearning-based induction training course helps the freshers to understand and crack the code in regards to the company's mission and stand up to their expectations right from a few days of joining. 

How eLearning-based Induction Training Programs Can Assist New Joiners?

When it comes to new hires who want to learn about the new processes of the company, induction training programs are necessary. But these programs may not work if it is followed in a way that is overwhelming. This is exactly where an eLearning induction course can be of great help as it contains multiple elements to keep the learners engaged. 

Company Culture and Values: Outdated style of training -- that is, long monotonous ways of presenting information may not always work so infusing some much required interesting aspects into learning becomes necessary especially when it comes to training on the company's mission, vision, and core values. 

Elaborately put, won't it be fascinating if employees together are made to play interactive virtual games wherein they work as a unit to understand the company's core initiatives and goals? This sort of activity through an induction training program will help them to remember the vision and essential values for a long time.

Case Studies: When the induction training courses contain case studies, the new joiners can understand various processes swiftly, putting several techniques in case studies to use in everyday work life. This way they get to familiarize themselves about real-life scenarios and get into the action quickly.

Activities and Examples: In an eLearning induction training program, activities, different types of examples, and quizzes are included so that the training is comprehensive in nature, with each aspect of the work procedure being explained through these elements.  

Building Confidence: On the first day, there is a high probability that new joiners may feel anxious about their roles and how different workplace tasks have to be tackled. Induction training courses can turn into a big aid as animation clips embedded within eLearning courseware can be used to explain various work protocols and policies easily. Importantly, new employees can go through these animations again and again if required and test their understanding on interactive simulations and quizzes. 

Time Management: It is essential that new employees get a good grasp over time to be allocated for different tasks. Through an eLearning induction training course, this becomes possible as the management of work processes -- right from simple to complex -- is explained in an easy-to-understand manner, making use of various real-life examples. Also, practical strategies are discussed so that employees get to know how to focus on the most important tasks first and meet deadlines.  

Building Leaders from Day One: eLearning for Induction Training

Induction training programs have to go beyond the teaching of usual technical proficiency and serve as a launchpad even for developing leadership qualities in the new joiners. This would ensure that the new recruits are ready for leadership roles later as when required. In other words, an eLearning induction training course can help to shape future leaders -- different methodologies have been explained hereunder.

Setting the Stage for Leadership: eLearning-based induction training courses can help new hires in a big way by introducing them to the company's core values and leadership philosophy right at the beginning of their career. This form of initial exposure -- a plunge into fresh perspectives -- lets them not only pick up new tricks related to leadership roles but also dive deep into the land of organized team management.

Building Confidence Through Knowledge: Emerging employees flash signs of good leadership skills when they have stockpiled the requisite and holistic knowledge to finesse their way through the intricate leadership game field. This can be achieved through eLearning modules that would focus on developing critical thinking abilities along with the prowess to look at a problem from different angles, and then develop innovative solutions accordingly. 

Learning from the Best: Since eLearning platforms are loaded with essential information related to leadership wisdom, offered by seasoned veterans -- who have been working within your company, new joiners can check out their videos and absorb their style of thinking when assigned a small leadership role.  

To elaborate, think about a situation wherein the best minds in the business have shared their leadership journeys and best practices in bite-sized video modules. By watching such small-sized micro videos, employees can learn some tricks every day as when time permits rather than sitting in a physical classroom and attending 2 to 3 hours of lectures. Since the concepts are put in consumable nuggets, it becomes easier for the employees to take in the information without many problems. 

Developing a Growth Mindset: When it comes to attaining leadership qualities, it is more of a lifelong journey rather than a destination. Hence, it makes sense for the new joiners to understand that they should not get cozy when they start acquiring some leadership skills based on their current knowledge. In fact, they should be motivated to acquire fresh knowledge and get better in their own game especially when it comes to team management. Elearning induction training programs can help such employees -- companies can involve experts who will constantly provide fresh inputs through collaborative platforms and motivate them.

For example, freshers (having some experience) may have the potential but they may see challenges as unwelcome guests. This is where the eLearning platform can serve as a helping hand to hold interactive exercises with new joiners during the onboarding process. During these sessions (not dry questionnaires but feedback/honest answers shared on the eLearning medium), freshers can be asked about their past experiences and achievements -- unearth challenges they have conquered so far. 

Then, experts can dissect their way of thinking and actions taken accordingly, and provide subtle feedback which would help them to handle such situations even better in the future. This kind of exercise will nurture a growth mindset in the minds of the employees and they will not shy away from challenges but see them as opportunities -- a vital component considering leadership as a lifelong odyssey.

There are multiple benefits that eLearning induction training courses can offer when compared to traditional forms of induction programs, especially when it comes to flexibility, versatility, and several techniques to render the training process. 

If you as a company are interested in investing in an induction training program through the virtual platform, then approaching a reliable and seasoned player like VKCL may help as it has developed many eLearning platforms for different firms based on their induction training requirements. 

May 15, 2024