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How Artificial Intelligence enhances VKCL’s custom eLearning courseware development?

May 24, 2020 news banner 38

A.I or “Artificial Intelligence is used to replicate human intelligence in certain forms using complex algorithms. It is commonly used in data analysis; image processing; prediction; link data to find relationships; organize data; recognize patterns, and the list goes on. However besides the above tasks, we, at VK Creative Learning (VKCL), use A.I to understand our learner’s difficulties and help them. In this article, we will explain how VKCL uses A.I smartly in custom eLearning solutions to enhance learning skills.

How VKCL incorporates A.I in customized eLearning solutions to ensure optimum learning? 

Customized eLearning training: Each learner has his or her own learning style, pace, time and place. We understand how essential these factors are. Hence, we use A.I in customized eLearning courseware in such a way that the A.I understands the pace, style and difficulties you face while learning, and accordingly, A.I changes the training pace of the customized eLearning solutions. For e.g. if an individual is a slow learner who takes a lot of time to understand certain types of complex concepts, our A.I provides an option wherein learner can slow down the learning pace of the chapter. For the same, the algorithm uses deep interlinked neural networks to comprehend the learning pace of the individual, and offers the best possible learning options for augmented learning. 


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Cognitive overload:  VKCL designs and creates content in such a way that there is no cognitive overload over the students. Cognitive load is a state of mind wherein mental efforts required to comprehend a learning material has reached a saturation level. The disadvantage of this is, a learner may have to put extra efforts to learn succeeding chapters in that period of time, and thus, may feel fatigued and discouraged. Being cognizant of this fact, our A.I smartly adopts a certain learning pattern. To elaborate, if the learners experience cognitive overload, then it automatically switches to a simple learning pattern by which the learners may be encouraged to take up further chapters for learning. For example, A.I of our customized eLearning solutions brings up game based learning with visual content in between the concept theories. The objective is that through games, learners would revise what they have been taught and would grasp the concepts easily. Also, real life problems are introduced by A.I challenging the learner’s ability to solve the problems.

Amalgamation of microlearning theory with animated and simulated content


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Having an experience of over a decade in training corporate professionals from various walks of the life, we know how difficult it is for the professionals to cope up with upgradation of their existing skill by giving extra hours after the working hours. Thus, we have designed complex algorithms in A.I of our eLearning solution which divides chapters into micro-modules for the learners. Also, our A.I wisely mixes voiceover animated content; simulated content, and text so that learners do not feel overwhelmed with the lengthy intricate content. For instance, a concept on engine design may be complex. So our A.I presents text with animated content in some portion of the content so that learners can read and see the voice over animated simultaneously. Simulations are further provided to check the engine's efficiency in various temperatures and pressures. These coaching techniques ensure in-depth and comprehensive learning.


May 24, 2020