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Why Use Articulate Storyline 360 for Custom eLearning Content Development?

May 04, 2024 online education

Technology is gradually changing completely the way knowledge intake is happening. Elaborately put, for a training session trainees do not have to lug around heavy manuals or fat books and struggle with a one-size-fits-all type of learning materials. The reason behind this big alternation of course is that firms are going for custom eLearning programs when it comes to accoutering employees with desired knowledge.

If the question is: why opt for a custom eLearning content development over the usual training classroom program, the answer lies in the type of high level of flexibility and engaging content that the virtual platform provides. Precisely put, the conventional type may miss out on essential features such as encouraging learners to gain further knowledge needed for them to move up the tier due to the lack of captivating animation content.

Also, compared to usual classroom training, custom eLearning involves less expense and can be used to train employees situated in different parts of the world.

However, when custom eLearning development is implemented, the platform provides multiple benefits and allows to address all these sorts of problems with ease head-on.

Imagine that your employees are able to take training as when they have some free time and you are able to customize the content as per their learning needs. This not only helps to provide training as per their comfort but also takes care of their learning style.

For this purpose (that is custom eLearning content development), Articulate Storyline 360 can be used as it lets to create versatile courseware as per one company's needs.

We shall get more into the use of the tool for developing a course and the multiple advantages it offers in the subsequent sections.

Why Use Articulate Storyline 360 for Custom eLearning Content Development?

Articulate Storyline 360 isn't your average eLearning tool as it is a dynamo that lets you swiftly create interactive virtual courses with tons of features -- drag, drop, and voila and you've got a masterpiece custom eLearning courseware. Some of its distinguishing features are explained hereunder:

Intuitive Interface and Pre-built Templates: Developing custom eLearning content can be more like putting together a Rubik's Cube blindfolded if the necessary tool is missing and without proper strategy. So, essentially, to create the course platform, one may need personalized content creation tools with a kaleidoscope of features that would perfectly fit a firm's training needs. 

To put it simply, opting to go for a unique custom eLearning content development will be akin to solving a complex puzzle, but where different pieces fit together in place magically. This is where Articulate Storyline 360 -- more known to be as a user-friendly software suite with a host of intuitive features -- can be put to use.  

It can be compared to a digital Swiss Army Knife when it comes to eLearning development -- that too a tailored one. Importantly, it enables to manage a variety of content creation challenges in a jiffy and without many hassles.  

What makes it better for customized creation is its capability to render drag-and-drop features to develop interactive content having branching scenarios, especially methodically designed for adaptive learning purposes. Also, it allows to render visually stunning presentations easily by pressing a few buttons or with the least effort.

Creation of Customized eLearning with Multimedia Content: Sometimes, with only text content, traditional training can turn out to be a real snoozefest -- plain text leaving all imagination part on the learners. But, on the other hand, customized eLearning content, which bursts with tons of multimedia goodness, is capable of transforming a learning activity into a breeze. 

This means that Articulate Storyline 360 allows to blend key features such as informative videos along with crisp audio narration and captivating images easily into the learning content. The infusion of such multiple elements makes the content more interesting for learners and they are able to connect with it.

Thus, the tool allows to create a powerful custom eLearning course platform which can be used for training/teaching the team/students effortlessly on the desired skills. 

This way you create something much better than a static presentation that contains captivating content such as animation to grasp the attention of the participants and keep them hooked. 

Importantly, the animation will have animated characters that would describe a situation, process, or concept in a detailed manner.

In other words, the multimedia bonanza, created with Articulate Storyline 360, can be used for explaining concepts comprehensively and demystifying every concept using a vibrant blend of media -- this way the learners absorb the needed knowledge within a few minutes.

Boost Learner Engagement with Interactive eLearning: The option of custom eLearning content development always stands as a useful tool when it comes to employee skill-upgradation programs, but ensuring that learners are always glued to their screens is an altogether different ball game. Here again, Articulate Storyline 360 comes in handy with some valuable features for eLearning creation - the ability to incorporate interactive elements that transcend the usual static text and imagery.

To understand this, you can think of a customer service training module which is embedded within the eLearning platform (using the Articulate Storyline 360 features) where learners are presented with branching scenario situations in an interactive way -- either through quizzes or Q&A form. In such scenarios, they are asked to respond to different circumstances, and their answers are noticed.  

Post this, the eLearning program after noticing their responses provides systematic feedback and meticulously guides them on what can be the possible repercussions of their choices. This type of swift response by a custom eLearning platform not only cranks up the engagement factor but also plays a big role in cementing the information in the learners' minds for the long haul.

Breathe Life into Dusty Learning Materials with a Sprinkle of Gamification: Have you ever dreamt of abandoning the dull training doldrums based on plain presentations and moving into an interactive game-oriented odyssey filled with various dynamic elements? Well, custom eLearning authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline 360 allow you to do that exactly. 

In other words, it lets the Learning and Development teams to weave in game mechanics in eLearning programs -- for instance, this can be points, badges, and leaderboards. This way learning no longer remains as a tedious chore but a captivating escapade filled with fun.

Visualize this: won't it be amazing when learners are presented with points or badges for every level they complete or for each correct answer they give? In this manner, the point system functions as a concrete marker, visually reinforcing their learning trajectory.

Furthermore, leaderboards can be incorporated with the tool to add an extra layer of invigorating zest among the learners -- a healthy dose of competition. 

All in all, by incorporating these elements, learners can understand the relative strength of their knowledge base when compared to their peers -- sparking a good-natured competitive fire. This eLearning playground is, thus, no longer an average lecture hall but a vibrant ecosystem designed to fan the flames of curiosity that motivate them to pursue mastery with time. 

With such approaches incorporated by Articulate Storyline 360 in a custom eLearning courseware, learners gradually shed their passive knowledge sponge personas and morph into gung-ho knowledge warriors.

If you as a firm are looking for custom eLearning content development encompassing a wide variety of features, then you can get in touch with VKCL -- a pioneer in developing customized eLearning platforms.

May 04, 2024